Frequently Asked Questions

See our most common questions related to the Hong Kong boat registration.


All nationalities can apply for the registration.

  • A copy of bill of sale
  • A copy of passport
  • Safety regulations survey
  • A copy of insurance policy of the yacht

If all the needed documents are provided in a timely manner, the provisional can provide within a week, however the original registration process usually takes between 4 -6 weeks from the moment the application is received.

Yes, the registration is issued in a paper format. It will also have the official seal, the stamp, and the signature of the marine department.

The registration is valid for a year.

The language of the documents for Hong Kong yacht registration should be in English or Chinese. It is important to note that if the documents are not in Chinese, a translation may be required. The translation should be certified by a recognized translation service provider.

We accept all payment methods.

Correct, a yacht inspection is a necessary step in the Hong Kong yacht registration process. The inspection verifies the yacht's compliance with local safety regulations and standards and must be passed before the provisional or permanent registration can be granted.

For the MMSI license, please provide us the following:

  • Provide proof of third-party insurance
  • Provide a valid radio license if the yacht has a VHF radio onboard
  • Copy of registration document

Yes, we can apply for the change of ownership. Please supply us a copy of bill of sale, a copy of new owner’s passport.

We can apply for the termination/deletion of the current registration. Please supply us a written confirmation of the cancellation, a copy of your passport, registration document, copy of shipping paper if the yacht is exported.

Recreational yachts

The Hong Kong Marine Department does not need a specific license for the operation of pleasure yachts under 15 m, but the operator is still required to adhere to the Marine Department's safety rules and regulations. Yachts longer than 15 m require a valid Hong Kong Pleasure Vessel Driving License (PVDL) or a valid Pleasure Vessel Driving License from a recognized foreign nation, and they must also adhere to the Marine Department's safety regulations and requirements.

Commercial yachts

For commercial yachts, the driver must possess a current Hong Kong Commercial Vessel Driving License (CVDL) or a current CVDL granted by a recognized foreign nation, and the yacht must adhere to the Marine Department's safety guidelines.

Yes, you can register the yacht for recreational, commercial, or bareyacht use.

No, a Hong Kong registration is only recognized and valid within Hong Kong. It may have limited recognition in other countries based on mutual recognition agreements or specific circumstances, but it is not automatically valid worldwide.

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